Passenger Freighter Travel

Cruising on a container ship. Below is a report by one of our clients about her experience of travelling on container ships. By Heather C. If you are travelling on a freighter for the first time, a short trip is recommended as it is vastly different from passenger ship cruising.

Ask any passenger on a freighter and you’re likely to hear: It’s not where you go that’s important, but how you get there. So say some self-described ”freighter fanatics” – devotees for whom the lure of travel isn’t food, entertainment or.

Passenger freighter travel is still alive and offers women on their own a safe method of travel whether across the ocean or around the world.

Travelers are paying about $115 a day to sail on ocean freighters, which typically carry cargo and crew members, not paying passengers. That’s a more expensive daily rate than a trip aboard some of the most popular luxury cruise.

Freighter Life has been conceived in an effort to give you a picture of what it is like to travel on a freighter. For many years the publishers of this booklet have brought you Travel Routes Around the World.

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Freighter travel is another matter. Every day from ports around the world, cargo laden freighters cast off for familiar and exotic destinations. The International Convention and Conferences on Marine Safety defines the passenger-carrying.

Specialists in Sea Travel since 1972. Traditional Cruising, Freighter Travel and Expedition Voyages. Isn’t it High time you were on the High Seas?

Jun 29, 2007  · Where can I find information on passenger or merchant ships from France, or a neighboring country, to New York in August or early September?

The Cruise People Ltd is pleased to announce the opening this week of a new cargo-passenger service between Europe and North America with five new ACL vessels called the G4's. Delivered over the past two years to Grimaldi Lines subsidiary ACL, these ships now offer a weekly year-round fixed day of the week.

but officials of Ivaran Lines are optimistic that they have found a better way to make money in cargo and passenger shipping. The 19,500-ton Americana-a freighter for three quarters of its length and a cruise liner for one quarter-left.

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Adventurous travellers don’t have to buy an expensive yacht or join hundreds of other passengers on a cruise. From.

The double cabins all have two beds in the down position,” explained Mary Le Blanc of Freighter World Travel in.

For more information, see a travel agent or contact Passenger Manager, Ivaran Agencies, 111 Pavona Ave., Jersey City, N.J., 07310-1755; (800) 451-1639. Ivaran Line has other freighters that carry fewer passengers. Q: I’ll be taking my.

. required), scores of non-US-flagged cargo ships carry between one and 12 passengers on most routes. (Fred Cherney, a Toronto freighter cruise specialist, tells Minyanville that 12 is the maximum number of passengers allowable.

Oct 25, 2011  · our passenger cabin aboard cargo ship / container ship / freighter, sleeping room, living room, bed, toilet, shower, hifi, fridge.

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Days later, a Canadian labor strike would leave the Mays and the rest of us passengers high, dry and shipbound in the middle of Vancouver Harbor for 36 hours. Oh, well. Nobody said freighter travel would be the Love Boat. Welcome.

A passenger ship is a merchant ship whose primary function is to carry passengers on the sea. The category does not include cargo vessels which have accommodations for limited numbers of passengers, such as the ubiquitous twelve-passenger freighters once common on the seas in which the transport of passengers is secondary to the.

Options – Freighter Travel has the facility through our Bonded Travel Agency to combine your voyage with air travel or a land-based tour or holiday. This allows you to join any passenger cargo ship at your chosen port of call, and to disembark at the time and destination to suit your plans. You have the option of including a.

One couple wanted to cruise to Hawaii on a freighter, “but Hawaii is a dead zone because one cargo company has it all locked up, and they don’t carry passengers,” he said. Another couple also wanted to do a cargo trip to Hawaii on their.

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Jul 27, 2011. Crossing the pond by cargo ship brings new meaning to slow travel. It's a little known fact that you get almost anywhere in the world as a passenger on a cargo ship, without having to be a) an inanimate object or b) stowed away in a shipping container. What's more, it's one of the most sustainable ways to.

GRIMALDI FREIGHTER CLUB. This Club is open to all passengers having made a minimum of 2 voyages on a Grimaldi Freighter. Membership is free of charge. To become a member requires a simple written application to GRIMALDI LINES Freighter Travel, with the details of the voyages made. Members are entitled to a.

Nov 27, 2015. Retired Australian farmer has found the cheapest (and, he thinks, the best) way to travel the world.

Aranui 5. Cruise the enchanting Polynesian islands in a passenger carrying cargo ship called the Aranui 5.

Feb 02, 2012  · How to catch a cargo ship. Posted on 2 February, 2012. 31. Freighter travel NZ: 3. A cargo ship.

Freighter Travel – Special experience of travelling. As a taster for those new to travelling on freighters we offer short trips to the Baltic and North Sea. ships – from small freighters up to some gigantic vessels Whichever type of ship or route you choose, you will certainly be a most welcome passenger on one of these sea.

Mar 1, 2008. Note that if you are having your car shipped overseas and wonder if it were possible to travel with your vehicle and save a little money while having a fun experience, it is well worth asking the cargo line whether they offer passenger rooms on their ships. Traveling on a cargo ship is very much possible, and.

Mar 23, 2011. Those passengers who travel by freighter now are usually people who are older, and retired, without job obligations. They are for the most part active and seeking adventure. They aren't upset if the ship they thought was going to Naples and Genoa goes instead to Arzew and Mostagenem, Algeria.

May 27, 2015. Currently, there are about 300 passenger carrying cargo ships in the shipping industry, which can carry up to a maximum of 12 passengers (over this number the ship must maintain a doctor aboard). The sea travel company Cruise People Ltd. even state that all freighter voyages they showcase are aboard.

A vacation of a lifetime. Cruise the Inside Passage of coastal British Columbia and experience the magic of travel aboard the MV Aurora Explorer,a working freight ship, based out of Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Accommodation Please enquire for full details. Facilities Most ships have 2 or 3 cabins. We can arrange an Amtrak train pass for rail travel in America.

There are lots of freighter lines carrying passengers. This one appears to be much more generous in passenger space than many of the behemoths that sail around the world. The Cruise People, in England, are experts in this are and you.

Marquesas Cultural Discovery Cruise. Featuring the Aranui V Freighter. Explore the most remote island group in French Polynesia on board a working cargo ship.

A cargo ship or freighter ship is any sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another.Thousands of cargo carriers ply the world’s seas and oceans each year, handling the bulk of international trade.

Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur GmbH – Departement Freighter Voyages. Freighter Travel Overview Freighter Voyages; Rotterdam.

View All Voyages! Below you will find. The Greener Way to Travel: Whether a Cargo ship has 1 or 101 passengers onboard,

Trips from the ship into towns aren’t included in most packages. Passengers have to arrange their own travel once the ship reaches its various ports. Some sample fares Freighter World Cruises Inc. offers short cruises of nine- or 12 days.

Jan 20, 2008. This is our third 'freighter cruise', having previously sailed as passengers on cargo ships from Singapore to Brisbane and from Melbourne to Napier in New Zealand as part of our round-the-world trip without flying. While we're not actually expected to swab the decks in exchange for our passage, this is a far.

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Then you might want to try traveling by cargo ship. Cargo ships can. Andrew Horsman, who was the only.

Oct 8, 2007. “There used to be a time when there was no other way of traveling,” recalls Rankor Zunic, a Croatian sea captain who now operates the 15-year-old travel agency, Maris Freighter & Specialty Cruises. “I am an old sailor. I have been in the industry for 50 years, and we have always had passengers using.

Visit places you have only dreamed about, where traditional cruise ships may not call…

Dec 23, 2016. For those who are willing to pay a lot more for a unique cargo vessel voyage, there are some companies that can offer passenger accommodation, such as the Italian company Grimaldi Lines (, which offers voyages from Southampton to the Mediterranean, and from Tilbury to.

They are booked reliably through specialized travel agencies (the most popular is Most.

Jul 25, 2014. Our fellow passenger Helga Freighter cruising has become a genuine niche in the travel market, so ships on popular routes—such as a trans-Atlantic crossing— will usually have from four to eight passengers depending on ship size and configuration. Should you have fellow passengers on your voyage,

GRIMALDI FREIGHTER CLUB. This Club is open to all passengers having made a minimum of 2 voyages on a Grimaldi Freighter. Membership is free of charge.

Sep 24, 2009. The hardest part about freighter traveling (for me) was the food. As a passenger you eat with the officers — on my boat they were German and Russian. They ate a meat-intensive diet and I am a vegetarian. On land, it is never a problem for me to find acceptable cuisine anywhere, but in the galley you can't.

They are booked reliably through specialized travel agencies (the most popular is Most freighter voyages are on French or German ships, with accommodations for 4 to 12 passengers. The ZIM Ontario, for.

Freighter passenger cruises on modern and comfortable cargo freighters to all major world wide destinations

Readers often ask if it’s possible to fly on a UPS aircraft as a passenger. Ocean freighters sell cabins to adventurous travelers, so it’s a reasonable question.

I am just kidding of course, but Freighter Travel is no joke. 1% of the worlds steamship lines offer cargo and passenger voyages. When I first heard about this phenomenon I imagined what a unique experience it must be. You will be on a.

Those are the only companies I have heard of that verifiably take passengers on a regular basis and they all have pretty similar prices/conditions. Thus any trip across the Atlantic or Pacific, to or from Asia or Oceania or through the Suez canal will cost at least €2000-3000, sometimes much more and.

Freighters Carry Passengers From San Francisco. By Guy Span. A number of freighters have small accommodations for passengers and if you want to get an intimate look at life on the sea, this should be considered. The ships are mostly container and bulk carriers who have this accommodation due to a quirk in the laws.

A Freighter-ship journeys are like a workingman’s cruise ship, with passengers accompanying cargo from port to port — but still logging in many sightseeing hours. However, freighters hardly cater to the casual cruiser. "There is no short.

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May 2, 2014. Fewer people are on board cargo cruises: On average, freighters take between one and 12 passengers; any more and they'd have to bring along a. most ships operate on popular travel routes, like trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, South Pacific, South America, Caribbean, and round-the-world itineraries.